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This was an article about the Cottage and Barbara in a local newspaper...

An eclectic and eye-catching exterior draws the curious curio collector or antique enthusiast to take a closer look at this quaint, brightly-painted store. Tucked along a lesser-traveled section of Fourth Street, the Apple Rose Cottage offers gifts, garden decorations, art and more for anyone lucky enough to discover the shop.

 Thought of by owner and operator Barbara Jones to be the well-guarded secret of Gold Hill; after two years of operation the store has a growing clientele and has become a destination for tourists, travelers and visitors, while remaining a frequent stop for commuters and locals alike.

 “l really wanted to create a place that people could escape the world for a while,” explains Jones. “A shop where customers will want to stay and linger”

Created in the historic home known as the “Daisy West House” originally built in 1915, Jones spent a year remodeling and renovating the house. Though constructed as a residence by Mr. West for his wife, Daisy, it was a grocery store once upon a time. It was also one of the first buildings to be replaced after a fire destroyed most of the block at the turn of the century, including the Gold Hill News. lt, and the adjoining home have quite a history.

Now, the diminutive dwellings are nearly overflowing with collectibles, candles, crafts, quilts, candies, paintings, tea and on and on. Every nook and cranny is stuffed with something to inspect, smell or touch. You might be inclined to call it cluttered if it weren’t so thoughtfully organized and interestingly stocked. From closets filled with quilts and pillows, or shelves stuffed with scented candles to walls arranged with custom quotes, hand painted crafts and impressionistic paintings. Nearly every square inch of space is utilized to keep you hunting for the perfect piece or great gift. With cookie and tea gilt sets starting under five dollars, there truly is something for every budget.

"People often comment on my prices saying ’gosh your prices are so good’, but I just try to have things that are unique and different, but affordable,” states Jones proudly.

Beyond unique and affordable, the Apple Rose also tries to keep it local featuring several sets of items of artists and crafters from around the town, valley and state. Offering creations like decorative rocks painted with your own photo, vinyl lettered stickers with your favorite saying or quote in the font of your choice, or the locally invented ‘Vin Valet’, a decorated wire wine glass holder. Perfect for the many park setting events around the valley.

Jones has owned and ran this type of shop for years in Central Coast, California, though usually under the umbrella of an antique store or collective shop until 2003, when she traveled to Gold Hill with friends who were in the process of purchasing a home here. After finding the property, which included two additional homes, though in need of a great deal of work, she thought this just might be the place to start on her own. Jones spent an extra day in town and made an offer before heading home on the Grey Hound. After a bit of negotiations, she purchased and began fixing it up in her own image, while staying true to the spirit of the architecture, time and town.

Opening in 2005, the Apple Rose Cottage is approaching its two-year anniversary in August
of this year. “I do gift wrapping, or help husbands and others put together gift packages-- anything l can do to make it a complete shopping experience,” says Jones. “l am all about service.”

And the shop reflects the vision she wished to create, making a perfect place for anyone who likes to stay and browse, or wants to find an unusual and thoughtful gift. The Apple Rose greets you at the door with a warm atmosphere filled with great scents, bright, happy, you’re-here-smiles and a unique and satisfying shopping venue for anyone in, around or visiting Gold Hill.

Apple Rose Cottage is located at 535 4th Ave, Gold Hill, Oregon (541-855-9093). And is open Thursday through Saturday from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

Article in Gold Hill Nugget Press Issue 1 Friday, August 3, 2007
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